How to pay by credit card

How to pay by credit card

How to pay by credit card

Before using a credit card to make payments, it is important to know what accessing this type of credit arrangement involves.

With the Después credit card you can pay for your purchases over time and make use of over 6,000 ATMsRequest information

Many financing models exist; using a bank card to access credit is one of the models most frequently used at present. Perhaps this is due to the speed of these types of transactions. In any case, in order to find out first-hand how to pay with a credit card, you must first be aware of all the associated information.

Firstly, remember that a credit card must be linked to a bank account. It is imperative that a direct debit be set up to pay for the credit awarded by the bank, as the amount made available on the credit card will be paid for using the balance of the account direct debits are issued from. Similarly, access to a credit card is only possible if the customer who requests the card meets the bank’s criteria. The bank creates a customer profile to ensure that financed credit will be repaid.

In this respect, before finding out how to pay with a credit card, you must take into account that you will only be able to access a card if you meet certain requirements and obligations. This type of financing is not exempt from fees. However, the fees charge will depend on the bank you request the card from.

Find out about the different types of BBVA credit cards

BBVA offers a long list of credit cards that can be adapted to the needs of each customer. We have already discussed the importance of being an ideal candidate to obtain a card and must also now comment on the wide range of BBVA cards available. This is important as the type of card will determine how you can use it to make payments.

Types of BBVA credit cards:

  • BBVA Después Card
  • BBVA A Tu Ritmo Card
  • BBVA Negocios Card
  • BBVA Repsol más Visa Crédito Card
  • Iberia Sendo Card

ImageBroadly speaking, payment for these credit cards follows a common operating procedure. This refers to the option to finance your purchases. Instant financing is provided that has been previously agreed with the bank which you can take advantage of in different ways, including points programs, insurance against theft, discounts, staggered refunds, etc.

BBVA has a wide range of credit cards and also offers further diversification by establishing different categories for each of its cards. Cards are available depending on customer characteristics. The different versions offered include the “Después Gold card” (credit of up to €30,000), the “Después blue card” (for customers aged under 30) and the “A Tu Ritmo card”.

BBVA also has a “Negocios Card” that has been designed for the self-employed, which is equipped with a maximum expenditure limit and offers different ways of repayment. The “Repsol más Visa Credit” and “Iberia Sendo” cards have been created along the same lines. The first card provides credit of up to 6,000 per month (the “Premium” version offers credit of up to €9,000), as well as discounts on fuel purchased at Repsol, Campsa and Petronor gas stations. The second card has a credit limit that can be adapted to suit the needs of each customer. It can also be used to earn Iberia “Avios” points on every purchase.

The Despúes card is BBVA’s credit card: pay for your purchases over time and make use of more than 6,000 ATMs: more information

How to pay using the credit cards.

How to pay using the credit cards.

The physical way to pay using a credit card involves nothing more than using a PIN code to confirm purchases. Some stores and clients may also require the card holder’s signature. Card are equipped with a magnetic strip and a chip. The chip is essential as it is used to access the contactless technology systems that have enabled BBVA to bring new innovations to market.

BBVA’s state-of-the-art credit cards are equipped with this innovative contactless payment system. All you need to do is place your card close to the point of sale terminal in order to confirm a transaction. If the purchase is under €20, you don’t even need to enter your PIN. This technology makes your transactions more secure and makes payments quicker and more convenient as you don’t need cash. You must either enter your PIN or sign a receipt for transactions of more than €20 (irrespective of whether the operation is performed using a chip, magnetic strip of contactless mechanism).

BBVA has also gone a step further and created the BBVA Wallet to make purchasing processes even more convenient. You can use this system to make payments from your Android cell phone and manage the financing of your associated credit cards.

Doubts about BBVA credit cards.

Use the BBVA card comparison tool to find out which card would suit you best or to learn about the payment method that offers the most benefits. Alternatively, you can also refer to the BBVA credit card catalog. Knowing first-hand which card best suits your needs will enable you to better understand the different types of credit payments BBVA offers.