Team of experts for the management of your heritage



Your private banker will put at your disposal a team of specialists in each of the key areas of your heritage.

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  • Financial advice
  • Estate planning
  • Real estate investment
  • Business consulting
  • Risk management
  • Market analysis

Inversion process

BBVA’s Private Banking investment process channels the BBVA Group’s capabilities in the selection of investments and risk management, allowing a personalized response to their needs. Main characteristics of this process:

  • Flexibility: we take into account the investment profile of each client, their risk tolerance, investment objectives, financial situation, knowledge and customer experience.
  • Group Capabilities: transmits the BBVA Group’s capabilities in market analysis, investment selection and risk management (BBVA Banca Privada, BBVA Research, BBVA Asset Management, Quality Funds).
  • Dynamism: continuously monitors the markets and portfolio risks, adjusting investment levels according to their investor profile.

Financial offer

Financial offer

  • Advice on investment or advisory portfolios.
  • Discretionary management of managed portfolios or portfolios: with the signing of a discretionary management contract, you benefit from a professional and dynamic management of your assets according to your investor profile.
  • Marketing of BBVA Asset Management and third party funds.
  • Structured products

An area specialized in the planning of your assets, which will help you design a more efficient patrimonial structure, taking care of your patrimonial and personal needs.

Specifically, through the Patrimonial Planning Area we offer the following services:

  • Planning of heritage structures: Following the provisions of the current regulations at all times, we help you to look for the most efficient patrimonial structure to minimize the fiscal impact derived from obtaining income (IRPF / Tax on Companies), the maintenance of your patrimony ( Tax on the Patrimony) and the transmission thereof to the next generation (Inheritance and Donations Tax).
  • Tax information: Recurrent information on highly specialized matters on tax issues that are raised in relation to all its assets, inside and outside the Bank, both financial and non-financial (real estate, business …).
  • Collaboration in specific operations, such as acquisition and transfer of assets, corporate restructuring …
  • Maximization of profitability: We look for the best alternatives from a fiscal point of view.
  • Information about tax news: We inform you about the most interesting tax news related to those taxes that affect you most in the management of your assets, through:
    • Fiscal Bulletin of BBVA Private Banking: analyzes in detail new regulations, judgments and resolutions of the Tax Administration bodies with the greatest impact for our clients.
    • Events organized to inform about legal and tax matters of special interest.
    • “Ad hoc” meetings.
    • Information notes

And all this, together with your legal and tax advisor, so you can decide on the issues raised. 

Real estate investment is a fundamental asset class for the diversification of high net worth. For this reason, we bring you real estate investment opportunities tailored to your needs: thanks to the collaboration agreements with the main national and international real estate brokers, and the entire BBVA Real Estate Area offer (Anida).

We can bring you unique, exclusive and tailor-made opportunities for private banking customers, in Spain or internationally, both in the acquisition of real estate for personal use and in those destined for business investment.

We bring you opportunities for business investment and venture capital , adapted to your specific needs:

  • Venture capital : via funds or companies.
  • Quoted funds that invest in infrastructure.
  • Investment Banking Services: to help you resolve issues related to your business and professional activity:
  • I want to sell my company, how do I do it? I have received samples of interest for my company, what should I do? How much is my company worth?
  • Do I have offspring to leave the management of the same in my family and management team? Are you professional?
  • Do I have enough resources to grow and ensure the internationalization process? Within my company there is a non-strategic division / business and we do not want to continue betting on it, what can we do?
  • Can I finance these investments without leveraging my company?
  • I need to strengthen my balance sheet, how do I do it?
  • We want to grow inorganically buying other companies, how do we do it?